Sulfur Recovery Information Checklist

If you wish to know more about sulfur recovery for a specific application, please provide us with the following information via e-mail.

Plant Information:

Plant Name
Plant Location
Plant Elevation

Amine Acid Gas:

Maximum Flow Rate (SCFH)
H2S Concentration (mole%)
Hydrocarbon Concentration (mole%, as methane)
Temperature: (°F)
Pressure: (psia)

Sour Water Stripper Gas:

Maximum Flow Rate: (SCFH)
H2S Concentration (mole%)
NH3 Concentration (mole%)
Hydrocarbon Concentration (mole%, as methane):
Temperature (°F)
Pressure (psia)

Steam Levels Available:

High Pressure (psig)
Medium Pressure (psig)
Low Pressure (psig)

Recovery Level Required (%)

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