Sulfur Recovery

Sulfur Recovery Technology

Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. is recognized around the world for our expertise in sulfur recovery plant design. Ortloff-designed sulfur recovery plants are well known for their ease of operation, excellent on-stream times, and long service life. This reputation is the result of an on-going program of research and improvement in sulfur recovery design concepts.

Ortloff’s plant design technology stems from professional adaptation of the best industry processes, together with the process technology developed by Ortloff, resulting from our years of engineering, design, and startup experience. The engineers responsible for the development of Ortloff’s expertise in the plant design industry are still employed by and active in our company today, and can ensure the successful execution of your sulfur recovery project.

The Ortloff Corporation (predecessor to Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. – see Company Information) was active in sulfur recovery during a twenty-five year period beginning in 1960 and ending in 1985. During that time they designed, procured, constructed, and commissioned a total of 19 sour production processing facilities and 52 sulfur recovery units.

Since The Ortloff Corporation closed its doors in 1985, Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. has designed an additional 5 sour production processing facilities and 17 sulfur recovery facilities (including conventional Claus, Amoco (now BP) Cold Bed Adsorption, and Shell SCOT technologies). Ortloff Engineers has also performed problem analysis studies and prepared engineering packages to help operating companies revamp 21 facilities for higher throughput and/or better operation.

In addition to commercially available software, Ortloff maintains its own in-house Sulfur Recovery Systems Simulator program, SULFUR. Developed beginning in the late 1960’s, and continuously updated since, SULFUR represents many man-years of Ortloff process engineering expertise and development. SULFUR is used to model completely integrated Claus, CBA (Cold Bed Adsorption), and oxygen-enriched sulfur recovery plants combined with tailgas cleanup units and/or incineration systems. Specific mechanical details of existing plants can be input to SULFUR to accurately model real-world applications. The accuracy of the program has been verified in many actual sulfur recovery plants.