New Plant Design Checklist

NGL/LPG New Plant Design Checklist

For a new LPG or NGL plant we will need as much of the following information as possible to provide a plant design for a particular application:

  • Feed composition, flow rate, temperature, pressure.
  • Residue delivery pressure, temperature, specification.
  • NGL/LPG delivery pressure, temperature, specification.
  • Recovery target level desired, if determined yet.
  • Compression target horsepower and type compression preferred.
  • Impurities in feed such as mercury, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide.
  • Preference for shell and tube or brazed aluminum heat exchangers.
  • Plant location, ambient temperature and barometric pressure.
  • Block mounted or modularized construction preference.
  • Net value of product by component for use in economics.
  • Project schedule constraints.

As with all projects, more complete information will result in a better design.