NGL/LPG Recovery

Ortloff’s patented processes and plant design expertise are recognized as the state-of-the-art technology in the gas processing industry. Ortloff’s technology offers the following significant advantages over conventional technology:

  • Higher tolerance to carbon dioxide in the feed stream.
  • Higher liquids recovery or higher capacity for the same amount of compression horsepower.
  • Lower propane loss while operating in the ethane rejection mode.
  • Operating flexibility that allows maximizing profitability under all market conditions.

The CO2 tolerance of an Ortloff process can frequently eliminate the need for installing a treating unit to remove CO2 from the feed gas stream. This results in both capital cost and operating cost savings.

The lower compression horsepower requirement can frequently allow a significant increase in the capacity of an existing plant by retrofitting Ortloff technology without adding compression equipment. If added capacity is not needed, a simple process retrofit can significantly improve the liquids recovery efficiency of an existing plant without adding compression equipment.

Use of the proper Ortloff process can allow any plant to operate at maximum profitability during any ethane market. The ethane recovery can be maximized when it is profitable to sell ethane as a liquid product, or essentially all the ethane can be rejected into the residue gas when it is most profitable to sell ethane for its fuel value, without significant loss of propane product.

Ortloff processes are widely known, and have been implemented throughout the world. In North America approximately 90% of the expander plant projects contracted in the last decade have used technology licensed from Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. In addition, approximately 80% of recent international hydrocarbon recovery projects have been contracted based on designs that use an Ortloff process. For a list of recent plants using Ortloff technology, please see the accompanying Recent LPG/NGL Plants List.

If you are considering a new gas liquids recovery plant, or wish to improve the performance of an existing plant, please allow us to help you evaluate the technology and design expertise available for licensing from Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. Provided in this section are information checklists for both new plant and retrofit designs.

For a preliminary evaluation of the benefits of using Ortloff Technology in your project please feel free to contact us.