LNG Production

Ortloff’s state of the art technology for Natural Gas Liquids Recovery has now been extended to LNG processing. All of the advantages of our technology for extracting NGL/LPG from natural gas (better efficiency, greater flexibility, lower cost, and greater reliability) can be integrated into natural gas liquefaction plants to extract these liquids prior to LNG production and produce a high quality liquid co product for sale or export to generate additional project revenues. In addition, the efficiency of the overall liquefaction cycle is improved, allowing more natural gas to be liquefied for a given amount of refrigeration power.

It is also possible to apply our NGL/LPG extraction technology in LNG receiving terminals, to extract the ethane and/or propane and heavier liquids from the LNG as it is being vaporized. Because of the refrigeration inherent in the cold LNG, it is possible to produce a high quality NGL and/or LPG product stream for sale without using any additional refrigeration or external compression power. Using the “free” refrigeration in the LNG to extract the liquids also reduces the amount of external heat needed to vaporize the LNG, reducing the operating cost of the LNG terminal in addition to generating additional project revenue with the NGL/LPG co product.

For natural gas plants and pipelines located near metropolitan areas where there is a market for vehicular LNG fuel, Ortloff has developed processes for producing high purity liquid methane to serve this market. Gas plants can be adapted to produce a slipstream of LNG that is almost pure methane using about half the energy a stand alone plant requires, and without any of the front end treating and dehydration that small LNG plants require. When there are no gas plants in the area, high purity liquid methane can instead be produced from the natural gas in high pressure transmission pipelines at reasonable cost and without the need for CO2 removal.