Consulting Services

We support our technology licensing business segment with a broad range consulting engineering services from the initial front-end design package through plant start-up and optimization.

Ortloff’s front-end design packages can be tailored to the specific needs of a particular project or requirements of our clients. We can provide process improvement feasibility studies, process design packages, and/or Basic Engineering Packages all of which will provide the basic front-end process design technology to be incorporated into a FEED package or applied directly to the detailed design of a particular plant.

Ortloff’s competent staff of experienced engineers also supports our clients throughout FEED and/or detailed design by attending design review meetings, HAZOP, and other key reviews to help ensure the process technology supplied by Ortloff is properly integrated into the design of the facility.

One key service provided by Ortloff is referred to as the Mandatory Minimum Scope of Work (MMSOW). The MMSOW is a comprehensive review by Ortloff of the engineering contractor’s design documents throughout FEED and detailed design to provide our clients with further assurance the key elements of our process technology have not been compromised and therefore should operate as expected. The MMSOW is the means by which we validate our process performance guarantees, when applicable.

Aside from the design support outlined above, Ortloff also provides field engineering support for start-up, evaluation and plant optimization. Ortloff engineers have been involved in plant operations for over 30 years. Coupled with our process technology know-how, we can provide our clients with sound engineering solutions to solve many challenging problems that often impact plant performance.

From initial design studies to plant operations, from new plants to retrofitting of existing facilities, Ortloff provides our clients with comprehensive quality engineering services in the areas of process design, mechanical, piping, instrumentation and controls and over-all general plant design.