Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. was formed in 1986 to license Ortloff’s patented technologies, to provide technical support for the licensing effort, and to perform engineering/consulting assignments for both process plant contractors and operators.

A small group of the more experienced engineers was retained to staff the new company as The Ortloff Corporation closed operations and withdrew from the plant contracting business after 25 active years. The experience, technical skills, and capabilities of this initial group have been enhanced by the addition of other highly qualified engineers and technicians, and by the increased use of computers for engineering design.

Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. has state-of-the-art computer design tools accessible to all of our engineers through a PC-based network of computers.

Commercial engineering simulation programs include:

Engineering diagrams are produced with AutoCAD® from AutoDesk®, with an extensive computer library of drawings from past designs that can be easily edited to produce completely customized diagrams for new projects.

We can help you improve your competitive position on prospects or with existing plant operations where our expertise applies. Please call us for a discussion of your opportunities.
See Technologies and Services for a detailed list of the capabilities offered by Ortloff Engineers, Ltd.