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LNG Experience List

Ortloff has experience in three areas of LNG production and processing. Integrating NGL/LPG recovery into LNG production facilities. Small scale production of LNG. NGL/LPG recovery while vaporizing LNG. Click below for a list of LNG projects utilizing Ortloff technology: Ortloff’s LNG Experience List LNG Experience List 12 KB

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Sulfur Experience List

Sulfur Recovery Projects Detailed Lists Summary of Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. Sulfur Recovery Projects 94 KB Summary of Recent Claus Sulfur Recovery (completed plants designed by Ortloff Engineers, Ltd.) 49 KB Summary of Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. Refinery Sulfur Recovery Projects 66 KB Summary of The Ortloff Corporation Sulfur Recovery Projects 28 KB Summary of The Ortloff […]

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LPG/NGL Experience List

The vast majority of expander plant projects in the world include designs that utilize Ortloff technology. Here is a list of Gas Processing Plants licensed to use Ortloff Technology. Ortloff’s LPG/NGL Experience List LPG/NGL Experience List 51 KB

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