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UOP Ortloff

BIG: Bold, Innovative, Growth

Honeywell UOP and Ortloff Engineers have joined forces to deliver the best outcomes
in natural gas processing, gas treating and sulfur recovery.

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Ortloff Technologies Span the Globe

View our Experience Lists to see how Ortloff technologies are being used all around the world.

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World-Class NGL/LPG Technologies

Ortloff Engineers Ltd. provides world-class NGL/LPG technologies.

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Lower Operational Costs

Ortloff NGL/LPG plants have lower installed costs and lower operation costs.

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Higher NGL/LPG Recoveries

Ortloff NGL/LPG plants give higher recoveries for a given horsepower or lower horsepower for a given recovery

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Easy Startup

Ortloff NGL/LPG plants are easy to startup, operate and stay running longer

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Existing NGL/LPG Plants

Ortloff processes are easily retrofitted to existing plants

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Faster and Easier

Ortloff Sulfur plants start up faster and easier

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Ortloff SRUs run smoother and stay running longer

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Previous Sulfur Plants Experience

50 years experience, nearly 100 plants

Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. is recognized world-wide as a leader in the areas of cryogenic gas liquids recovery, LNG processing, sulfur recovery, and sour gas processing plant design. We offer a range of consulting/engineering services, tailored to the needs of each client. We can help you improve your competitive position on prospects or with existing plant operations where our expertise applies.

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