Sulfur Recovery Technical Papers

Ortloff Engineers, Ltd. has published a number of technical papers in the field of sulfur recovery. Most of the papers are summarized below, in order of date presented, with a link to the full paper when available.

All papers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The free PDF reader software can be downloaded from Adobe’s web site here.

  • Low-Emission Sulfur Plant Startups and Shutdowns – Options and Pitfalls
    2016 Brimstone Sulfur Symposium
    Vail, Colorado, September 12-16,2016
    BRIM16.pdf 593 KB
  • Sulfur Plant Configurations for Weird Acid Gases
    2013 Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference
    Norman, Oklahoma, February 24-27, 2013
    LRGCC2013.pdf 2,210 KB
  • Refractory Lining Improvements for O2- Enriched Furnace Service
    2009 Sulfur Recovery Symposium Hosted by Brimstone STS Limited
    Vail, Colorado, September 14-18,2009
    BRIM09.pdf 1,494 KB
  • Easier Startups Improve Sulfur Plant Reliability
    Originally published in Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine
    February 2002
    HydrEng2.pdf 58 KB
  • Alternative Design Concepts To Improve Sulfur Facility Reliability
    2000 Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference
    Norman, Oklahoma, February 28, 2000
    GCC2000.pdf 291 KB
  • Improving Sulfur Recovery At GPM’s Goldsmith Gas Plant
    76th Annual Convention, Gas Processors Association
    San Antonio, Texas, March 11, 1997
    GPA97.pdf 157 KB
  • Sulfur Recovery Units Designed To Be More Reliable
    1977 NPRA Annual Meeting
    San Francisco, California, March 29 1977
    NPRA77.pdf 663 KB