8/2/2010 announcing its next innovation in cryogenic gas processing

Ortloff Engineers Ltd. announces its next innovation in Cryogenic Gas Processing

Gas Plant In A Bottle™

  • Combination heat & mass transfer devices in the column
  • All heat exchange, separation and mass transfer in one equipment item

  • Advantages
    - Reduces residue compression
    - Reboilers are internal – No thermosiphon issues
    - Reduces large residue headers on BAHEs
    - Reduces residue gas piping
    - Recovery / rejection easily incorporated
    - Small plot plan – Reduces number of components
    - Significantly less process piping
    - Fewer flange connections reduces VOC emissions and lowers cost
    - Expander feed separator is inside bottle
    - Lower CAPEX and OPEX
    - Various process options easily integrated
    - Reduces field work